The offered sonoro extended warranty sonoroCARE can only be concluded with the purchase contract for a new device (product) which has been purchased from the website (website) operated by sonoro audio GmbH (sonoro) or from a qualified partner. With your online product registration, you will receive a free extended warranty sonoroCARE from sonoro and automatically agree to the conditions listed here. The conclusion of the warranty extension becomes effective upon online product registration and receipt of the invoice for your sonoro product. Only these sonoroCARE General Terms and Conditions apply to the assertion of claims.

  1. What type of warranty extension do we offer?

sonoroCARE offers a one-year warranty extension for all products purchased through the website or from a qualified partner. This means that your product is guaranteed for a total of three years (two years conventional manufacturer’s warranty + one-year sonoroCARE).

  1. What is covered by sonoroCARE?

If a defect occurs, the warranty extension includes the following services:

  1. Mechanical or electrical malfunction or functional impairment attributable to a material, design, production or assembly defect in the product.
  2. If the product has a defect, it will be repaired by sonoro and the warranty claim will remain valid in this case.
  3. If the repair is not possible, sonoro reserves the right to deliver a replacement product with the same technical specifications in individual cases.
  4. When does the warranty extension sonoroCARE begin and end?

The warranty begins on the date of purchase of the sonoro product.

The warranty automatically ends three years after the date of purchase of the sonoro product, without any special notice being required.

If, in the event of a complaint, a replacement product is delivered instead of being repaired, the warranty shall continue for the remainder of the originally agreed term of the replacement product.

  1. Which services are excluded with sonoroCARE?

We are not obliged to repair the product if the complaint was made deliberately. Should a complaint be caused by gross negligence, sonoro shall be entitled to shorten the service or to reject it completely.

  1. What obligations must be met during the term of the contract and what are the consequences of non-compliance?

We assume that the information you provide when registering your complaint is true and complete. Although there are no special pre-contractual notification obligations in the event of a warranty claim, sonoro may contest the sonoroCARE warranty extension due to fraudulent misrepresentation. During the warranty period, you must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and handle the product appropriately. If you intentionally violate any of the mentioned obligations, sonoro shall be released from its obligation to perform.

In the event of a grossly negligent breach of the obligation, sonoro shall be entitled to reduce its performance in proportion to the severity of the fault. You must prove the non-existence of gross negligence.

  1. What obligations must be observed in the event of a warranty claim and what consequences does non-compliance with them have?

You are obliged to report the occurrence of a complaint immediately. To do this, please contact sonoro customer service (contact details at and follow the instructions given there. You are obliged to submit the invoice sent or made available by sonoro. You are also obliged to provide us with any information (in text form upon request) and to submit the necessary supporting documents.

  1. Who is entitled to the sonoroCARE warranty extension?

Only customers who can provide a billing address within the jurisdiction of the following countries when ordering are entitled to the sonoroCARE warranty extension: Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Netherlands.